Tahiry and Joe Budden Finally Get Back Together in ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season Finale

Love & Hip Hop NY ended last night and the question on everyone’s mind about Joe Budden and his ex-girlfriend Tahiry was finally answered. After returning home from the Dominican Republic, Joe faced his not-so-happy girlfriend Kaylin. From their awkward conversation, it was clear that the love was gone and Joey had feelings for his voluptuous ex. He dumped Kaylin (off camera) and invited Tahiry to a romantic getaway. Tahiry is more shocked than anyone by the reunion but it seems to feel right. What will the future hold for Tahiry and Joe? Only time (or another reality TV show) will tell.

Joe was in an apologetic mood all around. He finally sat down with ex-friend Raqi and told her that he’s always “one text away.” Raqi tearfully apologizes for being a total pain and says she’s going to start working on herself and being a truer person.

Consequence and Jen The Pen continued to work together to balance family and work. Although their issues from the season weren’t altogether resolved, the two are committed to making things work. Cons even says that he’s going to help Jen kickstart her career again.

In less happy couples news, Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena finally ended their relationship. Rich confronts Erica at a party she’s throwing, along with Tiffany (whom both of them smashed). Erica first denies that she slept with Tiffany, which causes a physical brawl between the two ladies.

Rich can’t stand no more! He tells Erica it’s donezos and she tearfully storms off. She blasts him for setting her up by using Tiffany as sexual bait but Rich isn’t having it. How can Erica be mad that he’s smashing the same chick she’s smashing? Awkward and messy!

With Erica out of the picture, Rich, Olivia and the rest of his management team are finally focusing on making music. Erica seems to have grown from the situation as well. She’s back to handling her own business and wants to be a good role model for her son.

In one of the show’s most heartbreaking storylines, Yandy struggles as Mendeecees is locked up indefinitely for drug charges. He calls her from jail and tells her that he misses their family. She must put on a strong face although she’s quietly dying inside. Yandy says that she doesn’t know when Mendeecees will come out, so she has to do what she does best, hustle for her family. —-Sowmya Krishnamurthy