Tamar Braxton May Let Cameras in the Delivery Room [Video]

If you watch Braxton Family Values, you’ll remember Tamar’s reluctance to have a child. She did everything from ask her sister to be a surrogate to consider freezing eggs. Today, the youngest Braxton sister is finally pregnant and is launching a solo music career. In a recent interview with Hip Hollywood, the reality star dished on possibly letting cameras into the delivery room in an effort to share her unconventional journey.

“I think we’re going to let them in as much as we can. You don’t want to bring your viewer all the way to the point where you went through In vitro, then it didn’t happen like that and it happened naturally. I just think it’s a story to tell and not to tell the whole story is kind of unfair. But you won’t be looking in my purse! My purse is off limits. I don’t even wanna see inside my purse!”

She also gushed about the “amazing” Halle Berry’s pregnancy and didn’t confirm or deny Tiny’s comments on the baby’s sex. “I seen it [the video] and I cracked up. I thought it was funny. But you can believe whatever you wanna believe. What I will says is, until you hear from me, you should believe what I say! Tiny, I love her to pieces. She’s crazy. She’s so fun. I don’t think it was malicious. I won’t hold anything against her because I don’t think she spilled any beans.”

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