Teyana Taylor Hints At ‘Big’ Clothing Line, Addresses Karrueche Kiss

Teyana Taylor is expanding her newfound notoriety as a hip-hop fashionista. Following her successful sell-out Harlem GLC Adidas sneaker launch, the G.O.O.D. Music singer, rapper and style socialite is now setting her sights on her own clothing line. During an exclusive VIBE Vixen interview, Taylor hinted at a collaboration with a yet-to-be-announced clothing store. Could it be similar to other celebrity-driven deals with H&M (Madonna); Sears (the Kardashians); Top Shop (Kate Moss); and River Island (Rihanna)? According to Taylor, yes.

“I just got a phone call about another collaborator from a really big clothing market,” Taylor hinted of her pending line. “Once it’s done, I will be able to make the announcement. I’m going to be designing my own line for a really popular store that everyone shops at. It’s not super expensive, high end…it’s the place that every girl shops. And that project will be coming with new music.”

Speaking of music, Taylor is also busy at work on her debut album for Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint. But it seems that the media at times has been more concerned with her relationship with another budding fashion princess—Karrueche Tran.

When the two very close friends were shown on Instagram kissing each other with the caption “Go In For The Kill” (a nod to Tran’s clothing line), the blogging world went bananas. But Taylor maintains that the controversial late February smooch with Chris Brown’s beautiful ex was all in fun.

“I didn’t even know what all the fuss was about [laughs],” she explained. “I read some of the comments like, ‘Yeah, she’s just trying to get attention.’ But you know what’s crazy? My sneaker sold out in 10 minutes. But that news took exactly 10 days for it to finally actually make a blog. Then you have the kiss—and Karrueche is my girl, my friend…girls do that all the time—and that makes it on a blog in just 24 hours. And people have the nerve to say, ‘Oh, she’s doing it for attention.’ But they see what they want to see.”

Taylor said that no matter the talk, she will continue to work hard, adding, “I’m not always going to have music out, but I will always make sure that I’m giving you something.”—Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)