Jennifer Lopez Lustable List Jennifer Lopez Lustable List

The 19 Most Lustable Celebs Since ’93

J-Lo, Halle Berry and Denzel Washington

As part of its "Big List" issue, VIBE ran down the most drool-inducing (aka f#[email protected]) sex symbols of the past 20 years. Get between our sheets and experience the stars of your devilish desires like never before

Words By: Jerry L. Barrow, N. Jamiyla Chisholm, Tracy Garraud, John Kennedy, Demetria Lucas, Shanel Odum, Adelle Platon, Jayson Rodriguez
Illustration By: GlueKit

19. Eva Mendes

Justify My Lust: The Miami mami got her start in the modeling world, where her full lips, Marilyn Monroe–esque mole and sun-kissed skin helped her flourish. It wasn’t until Eva started showing off her sandwiches on screen that her career (and our lust) rose.

What’s Your Fantasy: Since Mendes has never been shy about taking it off for the camera, you let her seduce you via Skype, slyly hitting record to enjoy her on-demand.

Money Shot: Training Day: Ethan Hawke bursts into the bedroom to find Denzel’s naked lil’ mami on the bed, face down and culo up.

Tyra Banks

18. Tyra Banks

Justify My Lust: Highlighted by gravity-defying mammaries, this runway legend is a 5’10” monument to sex. Accessible as she is seductive, Tyra first filled our mailboxes via Victoria’s Secret as well as she did their bras, then used her talk show to introduce television in 3-DD.

What’s Your Fantasy: You’re drowning in a tub of Jell-O and Tyra comes bouncing along in slow motion—Baywatch-style—eager to add whip cream.

Money Shot: Her 2006 “Panty Party ” episode, where she drops robe to reveal a little blue lace and a lot of skin.

George Clooney17. George Clooney

Justify My Lust: Clooney’s urbane charm and executive suite looks are capable of making a whole bloodline of women unhook their bras—and it only intensifies with age. Whether clean-shaven or bearded up, the Academy Award winner’s salt-and-pepper swagger remains top shelf.

What’s Your Fantasy: Your presence is requested in Mr. Clooney ’s office. He locks the door behind you, then insists you unzip your dress—that impish gaze-n-smirk ever present.

Money Shot: In ’98’s Out of Sight, playing ping-pong seduction with Jennifer Lopez before stripping to his boxers. My eyes!

16. Megan Fox

Justify My Lust: She has zero fucks to give and it’s not an act. Sure, she’s what Angelina and Katy Perry ’s lovechild would look like. Yes, she’s inked in hard-to-reach places. But bold enough to insult Hollywood’s elite? She had us at fuck off.

What’s Your Fantasy: Place knives, rope and candle wax into an overnight bag and escort Megan into a pitch-black hotel suite. Place her hand inside bag. Whatever she pulls out, it’s on!

Money Shot: Her bikini-clad and tongue wagging 2008 GQ cover. You thirsty?

Reggie Bush Lustable15. Reggie Bush

Justify My Lust: That SOBE heat gorgeously radiates off this dark knight’s superhero proportions. An edifice of bone-crushing beauty, the 6-foot NFL star can ripple his delectable pecs and titanium eight-pack for you topless or in a jersey. His Colgate smile is just a warm-up.

What’s Your Fantasy: Locker room escapades rival the Super Bowl. Spoiler: Both teams win. You bench him; he tackles you, punches it through your end zone, then runs it back.

Money Shot: The March 2009 GQ cover with ex Kim K demands a ménage à trois.

Stacey Dash Lustable14. Stacey Dash

Justify My Lust: Stacey Lauretta Dash is a walking wet-dream sequence. Stacked from front to back, the time-defying 46-year-old actress owns emerald eyes that further bejewel the wifey treasure she’s been her entire career. You’d be clueless to think otherwise.

What’s Your Fantasy: Perched on a sink inside a Beverly Hills High janitor’s closet, Stacey pretzels her legs around you, splooshing your mop in-and-out of her bucket. Slippery when wet, indeed.

Money Shot: Baring all between the sheets of Playboy’s August 2006 issue.

13. Morris Chestnut

Justify My Lust: His smile hints at choirboy charm, but his broad brownness inspires only devilish thoughts. Wide, sturdy shoulders crown his bulging chest; his abs compete with a high, pronounced ass for sculpted supremacy—all gift-wrapped in velvet cocoa. The chestnut never looked this delicious.

What’s Your Fantasy: You guys remix the church scene from The Best Man (you’re Taye Diggs). You cling to his enraged body, tearing at his shirt. He drags you down the aisle to happily ever after.

Money Shot: The first time he appears in The Best Man. Who knew Ricky would grow up this fine?

Angelina Jolie Lustable

12. Angelina Jolie

Justify My Lust: She’s flirted with every sexual archetype: lesbian, sadomasochist, bombshell (Oscar leg, anyone?). But make no mistake: Brad’s bish is one of the baddest because of them lips. Those plush soup coolers have powered the rise of her Hollywood star… and our zippers.

What’s Your Fantasy: Ask Angelina to put on her Tomb Raider costume, but lose the faux accent. Hike to the top of the hills, then plant your tent on her mound.

Money Shot: On the 2000 MTV Movie Awards’ red carpet rocking post-coital sheen. Her and then beau Billy Bob Thornton were fresh off a quickie atop their car.

11. Janet Jackson

Justify My Lust: She’s got killer abs and ass, but it’s not just her stacks that make this Jackson so bad; it’s the freak in her. A seamless blend of demure and dominatrix; she was rocking latex, embracing exhibitionism and cracking whips before your girlfriend could spell S&M.

What’s Your Fantasy: You normally like to command the bedroom reins, but for Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty), you relinquish control for a leather-cuffed, hands-free tour inside her rhythm nation.

Money Shot: Her carnal Rolling Stone cover—a topless 27-year-old Janet, with bare breasts cradled in her then-hubby ’s hands. Milky.

10. D’Angelo

Justify My Lust: In his prime, Michael Archer possessed a body that resembled craftsmanship by Godiva’s finest artisans. His edible smile and glistening six-pack, which ended with that lickable Ken-doll V-cut, heightened solo bath time for women across the world.

What’s Your Fantasy: He bends you over his piano stool and “provides everything that you desire,” as promised.

Money Shot: Of course in the “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” video, wearing only a Jesus piece and mischievous smile asking, “How does it feel?” Deep.

Kim Kardashian Lustable

09. Kim Kardashian

Justify My Lust: This curvy Armenian-American is the very reason Google image search exists. Not just one of Earth’s most beautiful—her willingness to wear the highest of stilettos and be filmed and photographed nude makes her the digital pinup of the new millennium.

What’s Your Fantasy: Y’all are in a swanky hotel room. She’s wearing a white robe; you’re in a wife-beater. You pick up the video camera; she starts checking the mic for feedback… wait…

Money Shot: The very X-rated home movie that launched an empire.

08. Idris Elba

Justify My Lust: His burnt sienna skin, chiseled cheekbones and towering height make him a god among men. Yet, his big hands (perfect for grasping), expansive chest (ideal spot to be held) and… hell, his entire existence supports the theory: God is a woman.

What’s Your Fantasy: You arrest him and discover he’s holding. While driving to the precinct, he insists there must be “something” he can do to avoid jail. He’s right. You pull over.

Money Shot: On The Wire: Stringer Bell nimbly unzips the jacket of his lieutenant’s “baby mama,” clutches her chin and succulently tongues her down. Slurp.

07. Rihanna

Justify My Lust: She’s like the Russian roulette of sexual fantasies. With each new hairstyle or tattoo added to her creamy frame, the Bajan beauty becomes more lethal. Her long leggy form fits into any role it pleases. Audiences are encouraged.

What’s Your Fantasy: You, Bad Gyal Rih Rih and a bottle of Patrón attempt to re-create Biggie and Lil’ Kim’s “Fuck Me (Interlude).”

Money Shot: Any of those nude photos that landed on the Internet in ’09. Cheese!

Brad Pitt Lustable

06. Brad Pitt

Justify My Lust: Brad’s numerous “Sexiest Man Alive” selections can’t solely be attributed to his teal optics, perfect imperfection of facial scruff or vanilla rocky road of chisel. Credit must first go to the gods who decided to give this beautiful sculpture a pulse.

What’s Your Fantasy: You and Brad are a two-person-only fight club. Preparing  for a delicious beating, he pulls out his big guns and python. You two then lock horns.

Money Shot: In 1991’s Thelma & Louise as the original naked cowboy, rocking only a blow dryer and dungarees. Ride ’em!

Beyonce Lustable

05. Beyoncé

Justify My Lust: With a single eyelash bat, her gaze shifts from seducer star to girl-next-door. Not even her husband can resist smacking that ass in public. And when she isn’t shaking tail feathers she’s running the world on two of the longest, loveliest pieces of caramel.

What’s Your Fantasy: You’re in a Pepsi commercial dressed like a vending machine. Beyoncé, looking to quench her thirst, reaches down and uncorks your bottle top. Ahhh!

Money Shot: While seducing Terrence Howard on the 2005 BET Awards stage, in a benevolent cinnamon dress, Bey drops her bootylicious on his zipper. Uh oh! Uh oh!

Sofia Vergara Lustable

04. Sofia Vergara

Justify My Lust: Built like a retro Coke bottle (even her Pepsi endorsees would agree), Sofia is rack city ’s reigning queen, empress and alderman. The impossibly 40-year-old Modern Family MILF defines (and translates) “sex” with a Colombian accent that’s equal vocal aphrodisiac.

What’s Your Fantasy: You’re blind to the blue Pacific water and glaring sun as your entire face is buried in Sofia’s bosom—you’re motor-boating on a motorboat!

Money Shot: Spread-eagle in Soul Plane’s cockpit, teaching the sexiest aviation lesson ever. Heels up!

03. Denzel Washington

Justify My Lust: Whether via VHS or Blu Ray, the leading man of our generation has kept nipples as hard as his two Oscars. That smile turns blues mo’ wetter; his stare marks an X on G-spots; and a 6-foot tailored swag keeps him starring in your dreams as the Inside Man.

What’s Your Fantasy: Denzel is wearing both his pilot’s suit and your birthday suit. You’re in his ummm cockpit. You’re shaking, but he’s cucumber cool, controlling all the turbulence from behind.

Money Shot: Naked in ’91’s Ricochet, barely covered by that hatin’-ass bottom locker door. Ugh.

Halle Berry Lustable02. Halle Berry

Justify My Lust: For over two decades, Berry has stood on our mantle as a bronze paragon of the perfect woman (wifey!). Her 360 of flawless—that smile, skin, legendary cropped coiffure—has kept both father and son at full attention since she was poking Eddie Murphy in the forehead.

What’s Your Fantasy: Halle is on your couch! What do you do now? That’s when she turns to you slowly and whispers, “I just want you to make me feel good…”

Money Shot: Berry was at her absolute peak in 2001’s Swordfish—rocking black lace lingerie, a spiked ’do and fully loaded phallic symbol. Bang! Bang!

Jennifer Lopez Lustable List
01. Jennifer Lopez

There hasn’t been a moment over the last 20 years where Ms. Lopez wasn’t a sexual fantasy (we’re grading that Marc Anthony period on a curve). Whether her 34-26-38 frame was pushing George Clooney or Fiats, J. Lo consistently used her business brains and boricuan assets. If there’s a starlet who’s done it bigger, she hasn’t done it longer. And if she’s earned more cash, she definitely doesn’t own this ass. There can only be one uno.

18 Reasons Why She’s Our Murda Mami

1. Original b-Girl—birthplace is the mecca of Hip-Hop: de bronx, my friend!

2. Of 100 percent uncut Puerto Rican descent.

3. That smile + those cheekbones = Money; as in “Take it all, mami.”

4. Every dance scene in her homage video to Flash-dance “i’m Glad.”

5. Thighs of supple perfection. Beats by Dre has nada on these earphones.

6. Butter pecan skin. Should be endorsed by a Wu-Tang classic.

7. Hips that double as handlebars for when it’s “Debo” time.

8. Those white pants she wore to MTv’s 2000 VMAs.

9. Diddy wifed that!

10. She got rid of wifey Marc Anthony.

11. August 1999 vibe cover: Living With La vida Loca.

12. July 2003 vibe cover: Sexy issue.

13. The legendary green silk chiffon Versace dress she wore to the 2000 Grammys.

14. Hairstyles for days (dais?). Señora got her own!

15. Walked into the new millennium $100 mil strong. Señora got her own!

16. That nude leg outside of her Anthony vaccarello 2013 Grammy dress.

17. Three years in the 40/40 club and still muy caliente!

18. Ass, but not least...

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