The 19 Most Lustable Celebs Since ’93

Beyonce Lustable

05. Beyoncé

Justify My Lust: With a single eyelash bat, her gaze shifts from seducer star to girl-next-door. Not even her husband can resist smacking that ass in public. And when she isn’t shaking tail feathers she’s running the world on two of the longest, loveliest pieces of caramel.

What’s Your Fantasy: You’re in a Pepsi commercial dressed like a vending machine. Beyoncé, looking to quench her thirst, reaches down and uncorks your bottle top. Ahhh!

Money Shot: While seducing Terrence Howard on the 2005 BET Awards stage, in a benevolent cinnamon dress, Bey drops her bootylicious on his zipper. Uh oh! Uh oh!