The 19 Most Lustable Celebs Since ’93

Angelina Jolie Lustable

12. Angelina Jolie

Justify My Lust: She’s flirted with every sexual archetype: lesbian, sadomasochist, bombshell (Oscar leg, anyone?). But make no mistake: Brad’s bish is one of the baddest because of them lips. Those plush soup coolers have powered the rise of her Hollywood star… and our zippers.

What’s Your Fantasy: Ask Angelina to put on her Tomb Raider costume, but lose the faux accent. Hike to the top of the hills, then plant your tent on her mound.

Money Shot: On the 2000 MTV Movie Awards’ red carpet rocking post-coital sheen. Her and then beau Billy Bob Thornton were fresh off a quickie atop their car.