TIME Magazine Names Jay-Z One Of The Most Influential People In The World

With a catalog that changed the landscape of hip-hop and a bromance with the leader of the free world Barack Obama, Jay-Z clocks in as one of the most influential people of the world in TIME’s new 100 list.

Shawn Carter graces the double cover and is joined by the likes of power players, Vice President Joe Biden, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and Shonda Rhimes. The bylines are also eye-grabbing as Mayor Michael Bloomberg scribes Jay’s piece and Oprah Winfrey writes up Rhimes’ profile.

Here’s what Bloomberg had to say about the “Open Letter” rapper:

“Jay-Z embodies so much of what makes New York New York. A kid from a tough neighborhood who grows up in public housing, overcomes lots of bad influences on the street, never lets go of his dream, makes it to the top — and then keeps going, pursuing new outlets for his creativity and ambition.”

Even Mrs. Carter filled a slot, where Baz Luhrmann writes, “[Beyoncé] and Jay-Z are the royal couple of culture, and she is the queen bee. She’s gone beyond being a popular singer, even beyond being a pop-cultural icon.”

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