Top 10 Remixes Of James Blake’s “Retrograde”

James Blake is no stranger to the remix. Much of his early notoriety came from bootleg versions of tracks by artists like Lil Wayne and D’Angelo, where he’d warp them into strange, new shapes full of emotional wonder.

So when “Retrograde” dropped (the first single to his new album Overgrown) and the remixes started to pour out, it’s hard to imagine him being upset. Especially since the tune is filled with powerful chords and vocals but set to a sparse beat and filled with expansive spaces that make it particularly appealing to a rework.

The focal points of the song make such a strong aural impact that it’s easy to listen to it over and over again, so why not add a touch of diversity to them by means of the remix? A number of these selections are subtle edits, with artists simply adding a new beat underneath or layering in a few new elements. Others are bold takes on Blake’s idea.

Scroll through now and tell us which remix is your favorite. →