Tracee Ellis Ross Shares Her ‘Lipstick Story’ [Video]

Lipstick is the topic on everyone’s puckers.

A$AP Rocky angered women everywhere, including actress Tracee Ellis Ross, when he stupidly declared that only those with light skin look good wearing red lipstick.

Although it’s not a direct response to A$AP, Ross released “Lipstick Story,” a video of still shots and funny faces that model her favorite hues. Ultimately, the clip is proof that we can look and feel good in any shade.

“Like clothes, the right lipsticks can inspire a mood,” she writes on her website. “Thank goodness for lipstick because there have been many a days where painting my lips is the exact thing that turns my frown upside down. So I thought it’d be fun to choose some of my favorite BOLD lipsticks, then rifle through my closet and see what was born. It was a blast! I just love how each lipstick creates such a distinctive…attitude!”

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