Tyler, The Creator Returns as Felicia, The Goat in Latest Mountain Dew Commercial


It all started with a song lyric. On his new LP, Wolf Odd Future ringleader Tyler, the Creator raps “Might fuck around and be a goat named Felicia” on the track “Trashwang.” That lyric has come to life thanks to Mountain Dew’s comical “Felicia, the Goat” series.

In the third installment, Felicia finds herself in a police lineup among Odd Future affiliates including Lionel Boyce and Left Brain. Tyler, the Creator continues his directing responsibilities in Part Three under the moniker Wolf Haley with assistance from the Camp Flog Gnaw Creative. This time around, the notorious goat — voiced by Tyler — intimidates the waitress from the first episode, who failed to give her enough Mountain Dew. Felicia mouths threats like “snitches get stitches” and “I’ma get outta here and I’ma do you up,” eventually antagonizing the assaulted woman enough to cause her to exit the entire ordeal frantically.