Tyler The Creator Talks Writer’s Block, Copping His First Crib And More

Last week Tyler The Creator chopped it up with Elliott Wilson in NYC for a live interview of the newest CRWN series.

With the release of the Odd Future front man’s sophomore album Wolf, Tyler spoke on experiencing writers block. “I’m so bored with rapping… so when I got writer’s block, I got that shit so fucking bad, like I didn’t know what the fuck to rap about,” the 22 year-old says. “I went through my phase of rapping about rape and shit. I rant about every serial killer so what the fuck else? I had a writer’s block until I was like ‘oh shit, I can just write about how much money I made last year…’”

Tyler later also recalled copping his first album, the creative development of his Mountain Dew commercial, and purchasing his first crib. Watch the full interview above.