?uestlove Gets Ridiculed For Still Using A Blackberry

Sure, Apple pushes out product almost every season but there is one individual who remains committed to the BB.

At the Blackberry 10 launch in New York City, ?uestlove showed genuine support for the smart phone.

“People clown me cause I haven’t jumped off the bandwagon like I’ve kept my [Blackberry]” Quest told VIBE, clutching his crackberry. “I’ve been very loyal, extremely, despite the ridicule [from people saying] ‘You’re didn’t get the … yet?!” I love Blackberry. That’s my go-to phone.”

Blackberry hosted a shindig at the Best Buy Theater celebrating their new device, equipped with a camera feature that allows you to go back in time and a multi-functional homescreen. Special performances included the Roots frontman, Janelle Monáe, Ludacris and Z-Trip.

Check out a recap of the event above.