Update on Boston Marathon Explosions (Updating)

UPDATED AT 6:35 CNN is reporting that one of the two confirmed dead is an 8-year-old child. UPDATED AT 6:10 PM President Obama spoke from the White House, saying that there is still no information on who is responsible for the attacks, but urging people not to jump to conclusions. Meanwhile, CNN and others report that a third, unexploded device is being dismantled by Boston PD at another location. Explosions rocked the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon, and details are still pouring in. The Boston Globe posted video of the blast on YouTube.

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[/videoembed] While two explosions were set off at the finish line, there was also a third, potentially unrelated blast at the JFK Library, which caused a fire. UPDATED 6PM: The fire at the JFK Library was not related, according to the AP.

Police also confirmed that a suspicious package was destroyed at the Mandarin Hotel near the blast site. Many news sites are reporting that at least two are confirmed dead, with dozens more injured.

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[/videoembed] The NY Times Lede Blog is free for non-subscribers, and updating regularly. In related news, LaGuardia Airport in New York has suspended flights to Boston, and all flights over the explosion site have been suspended. NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. have upped security, and cell phone service in Boston has been interrupted to prevent the detonation of other devices. More news as it comes in.