VIBE Exclusive: Damn Kids Evolves Bass Genre With New EP “Worthless”


It can be tough for an emerging artist in the EDM scene to breakout of genre definitions, but with the debut of his new EP, “Worthless,” (on the Trouble & Bass label) 20 year old Canadian producer, Stéphane Deschênes, is pushing the boundaries on classifications with a funky, future-bass sound.

Download his latest track, “Centoro VIP,” available exclusively through VIBE:

Known in the musical world under the moniker “Damn Kids,” Deschênes has been primarily classified as a trap artist, but the jack-of-all trades isn’t letting this define his sound. His new EP is broken out into three different tracks. With “Worthless,” “Worthless VIP,” and “Tyledon,” Deschênes shows his versatility in the in the ever-evolving bass domain.

Peep it here.

VIBE caught up with Stéphane to talk to him about his progression from the design world to music, how he views the rising popularity of trap and bass music and his influences from the hip hop world.

VIBE: You originally were slated to go to school for graphic design, but you changed your mind on the first day of school. What prompted this decision for you?
Stéphane: Around 17 or 18 was when I realized music was a vital thing I could do because I was always into art and graphic design and that’s where I thought I was going but it totally transitioned because I was doing art until I was sick of it. I had three art periods, one after another. I did so much art that on the first day of College, I called [my parents] up and said I’m not going. That’s pretty much how it was. I turned to my parents and said, “I’m not going.”

How do you feel about the rising popularity of hip-hop integration with trap and dubstep?
It’s awesome because I’m big on hip-hop, so being able to play that stuff, that’s so awesome, it’s what I listen to on my own time (biggie, etc.). It’s cool to play what I like. But I want it to be preserved, to not be so mixed in with everything else. I make trap but I also produced a deeper EP. I don’t want to just make trap, I have production ADD you could say … I make music, I don’t make one genre.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the hip-hip world, who would you want to work with?
Stéphane: First person who comes to mind is Kanye West. There’s very few people who can make their music sound expensive, it’s so high quality … I’d really like to work with someone outside of electronic music to produce something different.