VIBE Premiere: Buddah Shampoo and Summer School “Diamonds”

“Diamonds” by LA’s Buddah Shampoo and Summer School is a progressive trap rave effort made in the studio they share. Both in their mid-20s, they met a few years back during a freestyle session and started producing about 4 years ago, and today they debut diamonds on VIBE.

Buddah has been making moves in rap and R&B circles, producing Trey Songz’s new single “Fumble” and has tracks in the works with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. He’s also in a crew of beat makers named DRUGS that includes DJ Mustard. Summer leans more towards the festival side of things, producing lots of progressive house, some techy vibes, and more experimental things. He recently dropped a track with Nezzo on Dim Mak called “Shadows.” Together, Summer and Buddah are working on some new tunes with four on the floor vibes.

Stream and download “Diamonds” exclusively below: