VIBE TV: YG Talks ‘I’m 4rm Bompton’ Debut


YG has been dropping mixtapes like a G since 2008. Still no official LP from the “Toot It and Boot It” rapper, though. Here, the MC talks to VIBE about what we can expect on that long-awaited studio debut, titled I’m 4rm Bompton.

“I changed the C to a B because it’s where I’m from,” says the Compton rapper, “and it’s also bringing something new. It’s drawing more attention, you feel me? And it’s, like, I’m not doing it to draw attention. I’m doing it to because that’s really what I say and that’s really where I’m from. I’m from Bompton…You gonna feel like you’re from Bompton too when you’re done listening to the album.”

YG hits the studio with executive producer Young Jeezy soon to finally get to work on the project. He’s also gonna have Snoop Dogg help him out with an accompanying film. And, when that’s all said and done, expect that mixtape with fellow West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle. Yeah, YG already packin’ like an OG.