Vixen of the Day: Ashlai Box

Name: AshLai Box
Age: 26
Location: Tampa, FL
Occupation: Model/Dental Assistant/Mommy
Style: Haute Vintage
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Lip Gloss!

Inspired By: Three women who inspire me are Michelle Obama, the confidence she exudes is intoxicating; Rihanna because she’s not afraid to just be, she’s a lioness at heart and it pours into her photos, she’s raw; and lastly, LisaRaye McCoy, she’s a confident, strong, driven woman who is so passionate and gives one thousand percent to the people she loves. All three of those woman go hard for what and who they love and I’m the same way. I love that in women!

A Vixen is…
What makes a Vixen is undeniable confidence, drive, knowing what you want and having no problem going for it, determination, goals and passion. I think what it means to be a Vixen is beyond sex appeal. Anyone can be beautiful, but it’s that extra spice and zest for life in a woman’s personality that brings out a Vixen.

Photo Credit: Karlo Gomez