Vixen Chat: Cassie Talks ‘RockaByeBaby’ Mixtape, Finding Her New Sound and Karrueche


Cassie RockaByeBaby

VV: How’d you get in the studio with Too $hort? That’s legendary West Coast right there.
Cassie: I met him in the studio as he wrote [his verse]. He goes in, writes it down and knocks it out. I was sitting there with one of my friends like, “He has to say ‘bitch [Laughs].'” It was just perfect. I was kind of watching in awe.

Outside of $hort, who was the best collab on the ‘tape?
My personal favorite is Wiz Khalifa, just because that was a long time coming. All the artists that are featured delivered something so different from what they have out now. It sounds like them because it’s true to their artistry, but there’s this [new] little element of each person that came out. Wiz is singing in a little bit of his verse on my mixtape.

Do you feel like you still have more to prove to the industry?
I felt that way for a while. It’s hard to get in where you want to fit in when there’s so many different things coming at you. There’s A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar and Rita Ora, so I wanted to come up with something that was true to me. I hit the nail on the head and finally found my sound. It’s definitely an underdog situation, and I prefer to be an underdog.

Though only a little bit of the ‘tape has been heard, you’re getting Jhené Aiko comparisons already. How do you feel about that?
Honestly, people compare all of us all day long. It’s part of the territory that comes with putting out music and being creative. If you don’t know I’m just Cassie by now, you should not listen to the music.

Are you nervous at all to put this out there?
No. This is probably the first time I‘m the most relax I’ve ever been. I’m confident about it, because I really feel like it’s just that dope.

Understood. Okay, so you know I have to ask: Are you going to change your hair?
[Laughs] I have so many plans of changing it. It’s the growing-out process that’s holding me back. My hair was short in the “Numb” video and I didn’t really like it, so now we just have to figure a way to grow it out. It’s going to have an awkward phase at some point. I just have to figure out when that’ll be.

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