Vixen Chat: Erica Marie Figueroa Discusses Her New Clothing Line

Erica Mena in bella bad bitches clothingVV: How do you describe your line?
EMF: Very urban and comfy. T-Shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, sweatpants and hoodies. Just comfy cute clothing that girls can wear. It’s great for when you’re on your way to the airport, going to a photo shoot or even to the gym. It’s for the comfortable girl.

Why casual wear?
You don’t want to create something people won’t wear; I knew everyone would wear comfortable clothing. My celebrity friends wear it, they tweet and Instagram it and that’s good feedback for me.

Who are your favorite designers?
Louis Vuitton of course, and I love Bebe! I shop there all the time. Definitely my two favorites.

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?
Aside from Erica Mena and Tiny rocking my line, I would definitely like to create a men’s clothing line. I see my clothing line in rap videos like Gucci Man or Rocko. I would love to have a mainstream rapper rocking it. Hopefully I can merge the women’s line with the men’s and take it from there.

Would you like to expand beyond clothing?
I am really interested in expanding into shoes. A lot of people have told me to do it and I think it would be a great idea. I think it would be very successful, it’s just a matter of creating a shoe that people would buy and finding the resources to do it.

Where can we find your clothing?
Online at BellaBadBitches. You can even customize your orders. It’s all my designs but you can make it your own by choosing the colors and fonts you want. You can also add your name like Erica Mena and Tiny did.

What’s next for Erica Marie?
I have new music coming out! I collaborated with R&B superstar Sean Mcgee from Ohio. So look out for that Mixtape coming soon. And like I said, I’d like to go into shoe design and hopefully accessories after that.