Vixen Chat: Reagan Gomez-Preston Talks ‘Almost Home’ Web Series and Finding Confidence at 30

Reagan Gomez Almost Home

VIBE Vixen: Can you describe your new web series Almost Home?
Reagan Gomez-Preston: The story follows Lisa and her younger brother DeJaun, who is played by my real brother-in-law. We both have to start a whole new life. My character had a fiancé back in Chicago, so when I move to California, he pops up. With DeJuan, his whole life was planned out for him in Chicago, so he never really had to grow up and make decisions on his own. When he goes to California, he sees this as an opportunity to really take control of his life and follow his dreams to become a singer.

What do you enjoy about the creative freedom of doing the show online?
I can do what I want with the show, and I get to respond to fans. It’s nice being in control of what you want to do. No one’s telling you what you can and cannot do because there are no rules.

You’ve been in this business for a long time. Why was it so important to create your own opportunity for success?
As I got older, I’ve noticed that the quality roles available for women of color are so few and far between that nothing is going to change unless we start creating the roles and opportunities for ourselves. I actually came up with an idea for one of the episodes on The Parent ‘Hood, so I’ve been a writer for a long time, but I didn’t start taking it seriously. I want to write the kind of roles that I wish I could audition for. Everyone talks about it, but it’s time to actually do something about it.