Vixen Chat: Sharon Carpenter Talks ‘The Gossip Game’ Drama and Why She’s Not Afraid of Confrontation

Sharon Carpenter from The Gossip GameVV: What’s your opinion on the rivalry between K. Foxx and Angela Yee?
SC: Well, I think you have two competing radio stations. Angela’s show is number 1 in the ratings as far as New York urban radio shows, breakfast shows, so of course there’s going to be a certain amount of tension there. From what I understand and what I’ve heard, Hot 97 has a policy that they don’t like their personalities to even mention the name Power 105 or really hang out with their competition and I think that takes the rivalry to another level. I don’t understand why it has to be that serious. The ratings speak for themselves. At the end of the day Angela’s show is number one in the ratings and that’s something that you can’t deny.

Is Angela your favorite girlfriend on the show?
Angela is a good friend of mine. I’ve known her for a couple of years, we both lived in Brooklyn and we spend a lot of time hanging out having brunches, so I definitely consider her a good friend. Kim [Osorio] is also a good friend of mine. I’ve known her for a few years. We both worked at BET together and she’s someone I definitely respect. The two of them are probably my closest friends and Viv [Billings] is someone I’ve gotten to know better through the show.

Who is your least favorite cast-member? Is there Someone you don’t necessarily get along with?
(Laughs) Yes, I think that might’ve been clear from the first show. It’s Ms. Drama! I think she has a problem getting along with everybody and it’s a little sad. She’s kind of delusional she doesn’t realize her role in all of this. She seems to question everybody else all the time. Stay tuned for more craziness from Ms. Drama.

Let’s talk a little bit about your love life. Who are you currently dating?
I am dating somebody who’s actually an ex-boyfriend who is back in my life. He’s really been a part of my life for quite a few years, but we dated three years ago and broke up. But now he’s back in my life again. He’s not a celebrity, he’s an entrepreneur, he’s a regular guy and he’s actually somebody who I’ve known ever since I came to New York. You’ll find out more about him in the show.

Are there any challenges you’ve encountered while dating outside the industry?
As a woman in this industry, it is hard finding a man who actually understands this industry and is secure enough in himself to not let that get in the way of your relationship. I have dated guys who have definitely been very threatened 1) by the fact that my career is very, very important to me and 2) because of the status of the men I’m around. The fact that I conduct interviews with celebrities that I’m around very high profile executives on a daily basis can be very overwhelming for guys. I try to make a man feel comfortable, but this industry is about bonding with people and networking.

But that doesn’t intimidate your new man?
I wouldn’t say that. I would say he’s been intimidated like other men have. We’ve experienced some issues and you’ll see that played out in the show.

What do you want viewers to walk away with after watching The Gossip Game?
I want people to understand the show is a real perspective of what it takes to find success in this industry and the trials and tribulations that we go through as women. I also want women to realize that you may dream of being in the entertainment or hip-hop industries as a video vixen or married to a celebrity, but you can actually be in this industry and hold a power position. If you use your brain you can work hard and establish yourself as an influencer in this man’s world.

I think we’re setting a new precedent for reality shows because most of the time these shows are focused on wives or baby mamas or girlfriends. It’s great to see women who are independent, successful, driven and ambitious because it’s something we haven’t seen that much of.

Who are your role models?
My mom is one of my role models. She’s been someone who’s supported me, always encouraged my sister and I to find our own success and to be independent. She is a doctor and used to teach at Harvard [University]. She’s someone who is very classy, very sophisticated, very smart and very successful and a loving mother and wife at the same time. You can have a career, you can be a wonderful wife and a wonderful mother and she’s proved that.

I also like the way Oprah conducts interviews, she has a very non-intimidating approach. I also love Anderson Cooper, especially when he covers disasters. Ryan Seacrest is another one I respect and I would actually like to one day be kind of a female Ryan Seacrest.