Vixen Chat: Tiffany Foxx Talks Working With Lil’ Kim and Femcee Unity

St. Louis has produced successful rappers since the Nelly and the St. Lunatics days. Their worldwide success has opened the doors for rapper Tiffany Foxx who promises to carry her torch to the finish line.

Music is in this femcee ‘s DNA. Tiffany discovered her love of music early while exploring the piano, clarinet, poetry—and now rapping. Throughout her seven year rapping career she’s been through two groups, management with Snoop Dogg and she even coined her unique sound as Street Couture.

Her look and sound is refreshing and she’s exactly what the game has been missing. Foxx’s plan isn’t to disappoint, but she promises she isn’t perfect and wants her audience take this music journey with her as she brings change to the game. Recently this goldie-locked diva has been promoting her mixtape Yellow Tape with cameos from Miley Cyrus and collaborations with hip-hop legend Lil’ Kim.

We got the chance to chat it up with the street rapper who’s hoping to put St. Louis back on the map while making a mark in this male dominated rap game.