Vixen Chat: Tiffany Foxx Talks Working With Lil’ Kim and Femcee Unity

Tiffany Foxx

How did you and Lil Kim meet?
I heard through the grapevine that she was in St. Louis looking for a studio to record in. I found her the best studio, and even had a nice driver to chauffeur her around in a Maybach and chef to cook her nice food. She was just so down to earth and from that point on we kept in contact. Later on we were in Atlanta at her peoples house and they were playing my music. She came in and was like “Tiff this you” and she sat down and listened to the whole mixtape, it was Yellow Tape before it came out.  She got on a few of my tracks and from that point on we decided to make it official.

How is it working with Kim?
She’s such a perfectionist; she will do something over and over again. She has work ethic down to a science. She likes to work hard and please her fans.

What are you hoping to change about the game for females?
[I hope to change] the unnecessary beef, unnecessary cattiness, falling for the game, and the blueprint that they set for us. They don’t want us to win—it’s a male dominated genre of music. They want us to talk about  how cute and sexy we are. But even if you’re going to talk about that, throw some stuff in there. I want to bring unity to the game and connect with my audience in a real, raw, and urban way.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?
You’re going to hear a lot of Tiffany Foxx this year and the next thousand summers. I’m definitely here to stay, I’m no microwave artist, and I’m not a one hit wonder. But I’m not perfect, I have acrylic on my nails like everybody else, I have the 750 an ounce Russian weave in my head like every other boss girl that’s getting it. I have issues, my heart has been broke, and my daddy wasn’t there, all of that.