Vixen Chat: Vanessa and Angela Simmons Talk Oxygen’s ‘Best Ink’ and Tattoos

Art is one of the greatest interpretations of life–just ask Angela and Vanessa Simmons.

The mogul sisters have digested a myriad of creative expression since before they could talk. “My uncle is an artist, and we’ve been around art of different forms,” Rev Run’s oldest daughter says. “It’s been a heavy influence on my fashion and me as a person in general.”

The Pastry moguls’ knowledge of art’s boundary-less reach resulted in a guest judge spot on Oxygen’s Best Ink, a 10-episode competition reality show where 12 of the best tattoo artists around the country compete for a hefty piece of change ($100,000) and the cover of Tattoo magazine. Ness and her lil’ sis Ang will appear on Wednesday night’s (April 17) episode “Family Affair” to push the remaining 10 artists they stamp their own brand of personal style on a pair of Pastry Shoes.

Vixen caught up with the Simmons siblings to chat about their experience with host Pete Wentz, their favorite personal ink means and the piece of non-skin art they’ve got their eyes on. — Niki McGloster