Vixen Inspiration: Balance is the Key to Life

(Photo Credit: Jimmy Williams)

If I were to ask you to define success I’m most certain I’d receive different definitions. That’s because there are many types of success: financial, spiritual, romantic, career etc. However, there’s a success rarely discussed: true success.

How does true success differ from the other successes? True success is achieving your hopes and goals in a balanced manner. I know you wear many hats and have desires for success in everything, but finding the equilibrium in those areas is where you’ll find joy. Success can be achieved daily, therefore you must constantly strive to obtain this happy medium. But, remember anything we do to the extreme becomes error.

Today, seek to true success that’s awaiting you. God bless, Vixens!

Pervis Taylor III, is the author of the book Pervis Principles Volume One. He’s also a Life Coach, Speaker and Workshop Leader. For more info please visit Follow him on twitter at @pervistaylor 

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