Vixen Inspiration: The Necessity of Vulnerability

Spring is here and you should be preparing your mind and heart for a new beginning. Many women I’ve coached seem to lose the spark in their lives. The vibrancy that once dominated their being has dissipated. Failed relationships, unfulfilled dreams and circumstances left them paralyzed to fully live.

Vixens, don’t allow this to happen to you. Many view vulnerability as a weakness, but in reality it is necessary for anything you want in life. In order to find love you must be susceptible to getting hurt. In order to pursue a dream you must be vulnerable to failure. Being defenseless is indeed a risk; however, when used properly it can be an amazing strength. Use discernment when being vulnerable, but definitely employ this emotional state to your advantage.

Have a great day. God bless!

Pervis Taylor III, is the author of the book Pervis Principles Volume One. He’s also a Life Coach, Speaker and Workshop Leader. For more info please visit Follow him on twitter at @pervistaylor.