‘Vogue’ Netherlands Puts Blackface on Model, Tribute to Marc Jacobs

Another day another white model puts on a blackface. Well, at least that’s the case in the May issue of Vogue Netherlands. The magazine published a story entitled “Heritage Heroes”, as a tribute to Marc Jacobs’s tribal influences and cultural icons Grace Jones and Josephine Baker. In the images, white model Querelle Jansen’s face is painted black as she sports an afro wig. But what’s worse is the caption: “This collection is inspired by the style of the Parisian showgirl Josephine Baker, mixed with tribal influences.”

In response to the controversy, Naomi Campbell tweeted to industry icons: “I’m disgusted by such ignorance @BethannHardison @EdwardEnninful @The_Real_IMAN”

We feel you Naomi and we’re upset too. When is enough going to be enough? Earlier this year Numéro, L’Officiel and Vogue Paris thought it was a fantastic idea to put a Caucasian model in literal blackface. Seriously, European editors need to get the memo that this is not cool.

What do you think Vixens? Are you as enraged as we are?

Photo Credit: Vogue

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