#VVQOTD Answered: Are You More Afraid of Being Lonely or Being with the Wrong Person?

You’d think commanding a 24-hour post at VIBE that involves non-stop reporting on the Jayonce’s, Chrianna’s, Cassiddy’s, Wizber’s and KimYe’s of the world would have me feeling bitter about my single status, but it doesn’t.

It’s actually set my standards at a Louboutin high, and I’ve been trying my best to walk the walk.

Peep the female counterparts of each union. They each hold their own before being recognized as the significant other of such and such. Bey’s signing the dotted line of nearly every brand in existence (fashion or otherwise) while charting #1 singles. RiRi is redefining your closets while pouring it up, and Kim is just keeping up with her multi-million dollar empire.

While the chaos of my life doesn’t involve dodging paparazzi or doing damage control (OK, maybe a little bit of the latter),  I do understand that working hard for what I want often involves putting my love life on the back burner, a habit that has been both a blessing and curse.

I have no fear of being alone. As a Filipina working in an urban space, solitude is the least of my worries. Being cuffed to the wrong individual, however, does have me feeling uneasy.

On paper, or my iPhone screen rather, a Twitter bio or a LinkedIn profile may curate the man of my dreams, but when I can’t report for girlfriend duty at the same time every night due to event coverage that often involves interviewing (the hottest) male celebs, relationship struggle rears its ugly head.

It’s not that I’m looking for Mr. Nonexistent. Trust, I’m able to adjust my standards. But I just can’t be with a male who can’t match my hustle. Like King B once declared in “Upgrade U,” it’s very seldom that you’re blessed to find your equal. I’m still trying to find level ground in my come-up.

And if Mr. Right can wait till I get on, then we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

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