#VVQOTD Answered: What Is Your Must-Have Spring Color?

Prepare to doll yourself up in electrifying colors with the utmost confidence this spring. Add red lips for oomph, despite the comments of A$AP Rocky. ALL women can rock it beautifully.

To master a colorful pucker, I like to mix it up with an array of different shades of pink. I have a natural attraction to nude lips, but I’m fearless enough to try a loud pink or pop of purple. However, this season’s spring palette is all about corals (not so many yellows) and mint greens. Go extra ballsy and swivel on all neon everything. Sidebar: I fell in love with an H&M neon satchel bag that I look forward to pairing with a dope shoe.

When dressing up for the day, be playful with some sorbet pastels, icy tones and cobalt blues. At night, get edgy with touches of metallic, always keeping your personal flavor in the mix. There are absolutely no boundaries.

My challenge will be to steer away from play-it-safe and brighten reach for the colorful heels. I have a phobia of “foot color,” but I’m anxious to break my traditional shoe code and step outside the box. I’ve recently gawked over fashion beauties Solange Knowles and Zoe Kravitz who strutted a stunning white heel. Would you do it?

Tis the season to be daring! Let us know what colors you’ll don as it heats up.

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