#VVQOTD Answered: Who Cheats More, Men or Women?

Although studies suggest that only 10 to 20 percent of people in committed relationships or marriages actually cheat,  clinical studies confirm that women cheat nearly as much as men, but they are more adept at hiding it. In other words, women are “better” cheaters. However, the reasons why women cheat are drastically different from why men cheat. Women often cheat because of emotional reasons (feeling unappreciated, lonely, unloved, neglected, ignored, or craving intimacy). While men normally cheat for physical reasons.

Women are also more likely to be in love with the man/woman they’re cheating with (57%), versus only 27% of men say they’ve been in love with their side piece.

So why do we think men are the biggest cheaters, even though women cheat nearly as often?

The stereotype of men engaging in recreational sex is culturally acceptable, and men are generally more forgiven for stepping outside of their relationship. There’s also an urban myth that all men will cheat eventually.

Infidelity, whether physical or emotional, is damaging. Hurting someone you love—and hurting yourself—is never worth it. Cheating is an extremely selfish act and if you’re in a committed relationship, there’s no room it.

When you experience true self-love, you’ll find happiness from within, and only when you truly love yourself can you really love another. —April Dawn Ricchuito