#VVQOTD Answered: Would You Help Pay For Your Own Engagement Ring?

As a 24-year-old living in New York City for just over a year, the word “engagement” is foreign to me. Yes, I am in a relationship, but I’ve still got wild oats to sow and a career to figure out. But despite my fierce independence, I dream of the day a man will grace my tiny finger with an icy sparkle.

Marriage is a scary thing, especially in an era where they end just as quickly as they begin. My own mother is married and divorced twice. But let’s be real, a diamond definitely soothes the nerves that comes with such a life-changing decision. When a man proposes to you, not only is he promising you a lifetime of happiness, but he’s also promising his support both emotionally and financially.

I hate to admit this, but marriage is also a business transaction. It means you and your partner are meshing incomes to pay bills, go on vacations and maybe raise a family. If my future husband needs help putting a ring on my finger, how much “help” will he need once our union is official? Sure, there will be times where one needs to be strong for the other, but your future wife shouldn’t be your mother either.

Fellas, if getting your woman the ring of her dreams means forfeiting (several) new pairs of Jordans or a trip abroad with friends, just do it. If you have to consider doing this, maybe you should reconsider proposing.

At the end of the day, all I want from my future husband is a ring that reflects his love for me and won’t turn my finger green.