Warner Bros. Envisions Charlie Hunnam As ‘The Flash’

With the recent concept art leak from Billy Crudup’s Hulk movie, attention has now turned towards Warner Bros. and their aim to get Charlie Hunnam on-board as The Flash.

The grind continues for Warner Bros. nascent Justice League movie, as no one is quite sure what is being produced over there. There is no director, no concrete screenplay and no stars attached. But according to CHUD, the website seems to believe that all that will change once Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim star sees the concept art Warner Bros. is generating.

Word on the e-streets is that The Flash is being drawn in the actor’s likeness in a bid to actively pursue him for the role. Hunnam’s brand of bad-ass is notable and legendary, so if he is willing to play one of the fastest men in the known superhero world (and not John Constantine in Guillermo Del Toro’s own DC comics movie) then it could be a step in the right direction to get Justice League back on track.

Props: Bleeding Cool