Watch: Behind The Scenes Deadmau5 (Feat. Imogen Heap) “Telemiscommunications”

In the age of technology, many musical collaborations are handled via e-mail, for better or worse.

Back in March, EDM’s resident offender deadmau5 virtually linked with the iconic Imogen Heap to collaboratively release “Telecommunications,” a striking ballad with dramatic tempos off the mouse-masked producer’s >insert album title here<. With the help of Google+ Hangout, both artists hopped online to allow fans to chat with them about the track, upon its debut.

Now, everyone can catch exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews, featuring both artists and the animators of the visuals. During the eight minute clip, Heap and Deadmau5 admit to enduring some ‘telemiscommunication’ of their own. “We didn’t really communicate a whole lot wherein lies the irony of the song name,” says the Insert Album Title Here artist. “It was just actually over e-mails and I think maybe two phone calls tops.”

Check out the Behind the Scenes of “Telemiscommunications” below: