Watch: A Brand New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

Warner Bros. has been building up to this moment over the past week or so, and now finally we get a chance to see more of what Man Of Steel has to offer.

The brand new trailer, which may yet be the first part of a build up to a possible Justice League film, finds superhero fans engaging new details and images from the upcoming Superman reboot. Starring Henry Cavill as the Big Blue Boy Scout, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Russell Crowe as Supes’ father, Jor-El, and Michael Shannon as the villain, General Zod, Man Of Steel boasts an impressive cast which will be directed by Zack Snyder.

The reboot of the superhero legend was produced with a budget of $175 million—less than the $200 million it took to make the previous Superman movie, Superman Returns (2006). While the abysmal offering did earn $400 million, it hardly counts as enough greenback for Warner Bros. to greenlight a sequel.

It appears that Lois Lane (Adams) has been tracking Superman for some time. She’s trying to locate an urban legend of a man who has popped up around the world doing heroic deeds. Later on in the clip, you can see her getting a chance to speak with the man faster than a speeding bullet during an interview in what appears to be a military base interrogation room. The two quickly show they have chemistry as they discuss the “S” on his chest.

The glimpses of a supremely angry General Zod (Michael Shannon) suggests that the super villain is not one to mess with—even if you’re a part of Kal-El’s Kansas family. Now that we’ve got the return of Superman to look forward to, tell us what you think of the clip in the comments below.

Props: Forbes