Watch: Bruce Willis Try To Enjoy Retirement In ‘Red 2′ Trailer

The first film made a decent return at the box office for Summit back in 2010, and now the sequel naturally will find all the surviving characters accepting a mission that breaks all the rules! The roster which includes John Malkovich’s twitchy, paranoid Marvin Boggs, Bruce Willis as the “retired, extremely dangerous” Frank Moses and Helen Mirren’s ice cold former MI6 agent Victoria is boosted with the appearance of Anthony Hopkins playing the criminally insane genius who designed the big bomb that drives the film’s plot. With Dean Parisot (Curb Your Enthusiasm) taking over directorial duties from Robert Schwentke, Red 2 finds the gang on opposite ends of the fence as Victoria causes trouble for Frank, as she’s accepted a mission to take him out alongside renowned assassin Han (Byung-hun Lee) who is also looking to track Frank down. Enough of our explanation, you can check out the trailer below:

You can expect a lot of shots of Willis looking exasperated, firing a gun while looking exasperated, explosions, slow bullet time, and crazy hijinks galore. Also, with Catherine Zeta-Jones playing a lethal ex-girlfriend to Frank, you can expect a lot of tension and comedy between the trio of Willis, Zeta-Jones and Mary Louise-Parker. You can look forward to these retired, extremely dangerous folks to hit theaters nationwide on August 2nd. Props: Yahoo! Movies