WATCH: Casey Veggies Performs ‘Life Changes’

Do you eat your veggies? If you are not getting a sufficient supply of peas and carrots, we got you covered.

When LA native and Odd Future buddy Casey Veggies dropped his Life Changes mixtape on back in January, it was downloaded some 100K times (and currently sits at 142,903.) Not bad buzz considering Veggies is not old enough to legally drink yet.

The 19-year-old started rapping back in middle school and released his first mixtape, Customized Greatly, at only 13. Hustlin’ since, he’s co-launched the Peas & Carrots clothing line, helped OFWGKTA make their first record, toured with Mac milli-Miller, met Jay-Z and … yep, his day-to-day is pretty much dope as fuck.

“Would be trapped in a hood state of mind, end up less rewarded. But I took a couple chances, now life is gorgeous,” Veggies raps on the title track off his most recent ‘tape. Watch as VIBE caught Veggies and his Peas & Carrots crew last month for a performance of “Life Changes,” and spin his latest track, “Young Niggas,” feat Juicy J here.