Watch: G.E.D.’s ‘I Don’t Give A” Message To The Masses

We’ve all wanted to say it. Some make a living off of embodying the lifestyle. For G.E.D., the New York-based music collective is using not giving a “you-know-what” to create something bigger than themselves.

DJ Rob Flow, G.E.D. and Gabriel Wizard collaborate with a true piece of Hip-Hop history, legendary MC Dinco D from Leaders of The New School, on this Moombah / E.D.M. inspired remix track. Entitled “I Don’t Give A…” the video finds the guys “somewhere in Queens” trying to release the peace to intriguing results.

The free-flowing freestyle collective, who prefer to use the term “group” loosely,” seasons this track with the pepper and spice that you won’t find on today’s radio. Luckily, directors Carlos Carmona and Last Call Steeve create a carefree experience that plays to your senses, all for your visual consumption. Whether you enjoy Hip-Hop, Electronic Dance Music or even the traditional Salsa sound, G.E.D. is one of the premiere talents that have had musical success in this business. In the words of Curren$y, “Those who sleeping on it don’t deserve it.”

You guys are cool though and always deserve hearing the freshest sounds out. Watch “I Don’t Give A…” below and be sure to check them out on Twitter.

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