Watch: Grammy U Presents Era Of The Engineer With Young Guru And Hit-Boy

Grammy-nominated engineer Young Guru brought along special guest Hit-Boy to the Red Bull Studios in L.A. to shed light on the recording, mixing and engineering process for a select group of Grammy U students.

Guru stressed the importance of developing your own sound, establishing a relationship with the artist and being a student of the game. “There was a certain point where I had to stop listening to records for enjoyment and start to listen to them to analyze them,” he said, “so I would listen to a Beatles record and it got to the point where I could go, ‘If you play me this record, I could tell you which studio on Abbey Road they recorded in ’cause I got so good with the reverb.”

“Niggas In Paris” producer Hit-Boy spoke on his experiences working with Diddy and Kanye West that helped mold his own style. “I just learned from being around a lot…In 2008, I got to spend a couple weeks with Diddy,” he recalled. “Just being around him, I picked up all kinds of techniques cause there were a lot of things that I wouldn’t have thought about in certain ways until he said it.”

Watch the full clip above.