Watch: The Great Gatsby Trailer Feat. Jay-Z ‘100$ Bill’

With Jay-Z at the helm of the soundtrack, Baz Luhrmann’s highly anticipated flick The Great Gatsby whets your appetite with some hard-hitting ear candy.

The director recently spoke to the Brooklyn Boy’s site Life+Times to discuss how the sounds affected the sights.

“There is one scene in the speakeasy, for example, where we go in a very short time from JAY Z rapping over a contemporary track, “100$ Dolla Bills,” into a jazz version of that contemporary track, into a piece of score, back to the contemporary track, back into traditional jazz by the Bryan Ferry Orchestra, and then end the scene with a new contemporary track that is jazz influenced,” he said.

“So what we are saying is, although our story may be set in the 1920s, to quote one of Jay’s rhymes “history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes.” What I get from that is just that the universal truth moves through time and geography. There was a Jay Gatsby in 1922; there is a Jay Gatsby today. And we all know one.”

Watch the new trailer above where Warner Bros. pairs a snippet of Hov’s dough boy anthem “100$ Bill” with cinematic visuals. Race to the theater when The Great Gatsby opens May 10.