Watch: Lupe Fiasco Loses It After Getting Hit In The Head With A Glowstick

Lupe is in yet another fiasco.

Back in January, the rapper created a stir when he was removed from stage at an inaugural concert for his remarks that he didn’t vote for Obama in November’s election, proving that he’s never one to back down from speaking his mind.

His latest outburst was no different. While performing at the University of Cincinnati, the “Kick Push” MC reminded attendees that he is not one to be messed with. When an audience member hurled a glow stick at the Chicago native’s dreadlocked head, all hell broke loose. Lupe quickly stopped the music to address the situation.

“I know you a jerk and that’s cool,” the 31 year-old said. “I know that you came here and you thought that I’ma get some shine real quick and throw some shit at Lupe and hit him in the face. But, let me remind you of something, okay?…You see this waist? This waist right here? There used to be four black belts around this waist. So listen. Everybody that wanna throw some shit, kindly step over to the side of the stage, and I’ll give you five minutes of fame here.”

He quickly resumed the show after. Watch the clip courtesy of DDotOmen above.