What A Veteran Artist Thinks Of Swizz Beatz And Chris Brown’s Artwork


Street art writer and historian Daniel Feral (12ozprophet.com) weighs in on a pair of musicians who’ve discovered their inner Van Gogh

Chris Brown

Art History: The former school-bus vandal staked his claim in the graffiti world by launching a graphic-centric clothing line, a toy collabo with Ron English and an NYC art exhibit.
Feral’s Appraisal: Chris can get into the layering and manic qualities Basquiat was obsessed with. He’s got great can control, which he utilizes to paint these really tight, anime-style characters. But he also has the ability to dig deep, into a level of the id that lets loose. He kind of drops any sense of eye-to-hand coordination and creates those kind of weird, ugly monsters that seem to be born in a funhouse mirror or been mashed under a steamroller.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/Chris Brown, Rolling Out