Whoopi Goldberg Plans Documentary Series About Black Entertainers

During the Tribeca Film Festival’s screening of I Got Somethin’ To Tell You, a documentary about comedienne Moms Mabley, Whoopi Goldberg announced the creation of her next project. The Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony Award winner is developing a 10-part documentary series about the history of black entertainers, comedy and vaudeville—something she feels isn’t “covered comprehensively on the big screen.”

Similar to her first documentary project, the untitled series will be funded through Kickstarter and Goldberg’s personal resources.

“I salute documentary filmmakers…I was lucky I had Kickstarter,” she told the Tribeca audience.

“I know it seems weird [that I struggled to raise money]… A lot of people said, ‘Pssh, you’re Whoopi Goldberg.’ I said, ‘Really? Why do you think I work so much? I’ve got family, and there’s only one pay check.”

Photo Credit: Getty