Why I (Now) Pledge Allegiance to Kim Kardashian

Was Kim Kardashian always this dope?

Since Kim’s start from the proverbial bottom, I haven’t been a screaming, paint-my-face kinda fan of hers. Sure, I’ve been “keeping up” with the K-clan (more for the train wreck than anything else), and my inner celebrity junkie keeps me glued to the rise and fall of her relationship status, which always seems to tip-toe on “complicated,” but for a long time, I remained unimpressed at her blatant attention-whoring.

Until recently, Kim seemed hollow, a shell of a person who’s more concerned with herself, material bounty and staying camera-ready than, well, other more important things. At times, even her own family charted low on her priority scale. But nowadays, there’s been a tug at my heart for the 32-year-old soon-to-be mommy.

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