Why Was Dennis Rodman Fired From ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’?


Retired baller Dennis Rodman, known for his Sisqo-esque hair dyes and rebounding tenacity, has been fired from Donald Trump’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice over a simple spelling mistake.

The 51-year-old NBA champion was leading a team responsible for a beauty product when he was pulled into the boardroom with country singer Trace Adkins to discuss a misspelling on an ad that Rodman’s team had published.

The flub was in the name of Malania Trump’s skincare line, which was erroneously spelled as “Milania.” Fail.

The heavily tatted and pierced Rodman made another minor blunder on a recent opening skit of Saturday Night Live, screaming “Live in New York, it’s Saturday night,” instead of “Live from New York…”

Despite the lackluster grammar, Trump admitted that he’s “proud” of Rodman.