Will Ferrell & Jack Black To Star Together In ‘Tag Brothers’

Based on a true story, New Line Cinema has bought the rights to an absolutely absurd screenplay that will find two of comedy’s funniest engaged in an epic game of tag.

If you happened to catch the 60 Minutes piece or The Wall Street Journal’s write-up then you should already be salivating at the prospect of the childhood game coming to the big screen. For those unfamiliar, the real-life concept finds a group of 40-year-olds who have continued their childhood love of the game of tag into their adulthood.

New Line Cinema was enthralled with the tale of friends in Spokane, Washington who spend every February chasing each other across the country in an attempt to avoid being “it,” a condition that lasts for a year on the last person tagged during the game. With Will Ferrell and Jack Black now attached to star in what is being called Tag Brothers, the film is proving that anything interesting can become destined to become a movie.

While the two funnymen are not formally committed to their roles just yet—it is up to Mark Steilen and his screenplay to bring the hilarity—but if they do sign on, it’ll be their first big screen partnership since Black’s one-scene cameo in Anchorman. Our hope is that someone calls the incomparable John C. Reilley because anything with the word “brothers” in the title means a chance for these three to make comedic music together.

Black can currently be seen on screen in Bernie and is making his return to the booth to provide vocals for Kung Fu Panda 3. Ferrell is hard at work on Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and will make a brief cameo in the Vince Vaughn / Owen Wilson comedy The Internship, and is one of the tonsil talents for The Lego Movie.

Props: Digital Spy