Will Smith Replaces Ben Affleck in Con Artist Drama ‘Focus’

Warner Bros. reportedly loves the script which would find the Fresh Prince playing a notorious grifter who teaches a young newcomer. The question is: Will you enjoy this?

Variety is reporting that Smith has been looking for an original project to make as his next film now that After Earth has wrapped production. That project seems to be the heavily abandoned crime-drama picture known as Focus. Suffering from a case of too good to be true, Warner Bros. loves the script but has been reluctant to move forward on the film without a big name to anchor it.

After Ben Affleck withdrew his support from the picture, attention shifted toward Kristen Stewart who would play the newcomer alongside Smith’s veteran con man act. Shortly, the Twilight star dropped out as well, but with Will in talks to play the role it can only be a matter of time before A-list talent is drawn back to the project.

In Focus, the two criminals get involved romantically but find out the hard way how perilous love can be in a business where everyone lies and cheats for a living. Those complications serve as the backdrop for the two lovelorn baddies when they meet up again in the future. Could you see Big Willie conning the masses with his charisma and style?

Props: Ain’t It Cool News