will.I.AM Readies ‘Wizards And Robots’ Comic For IDW

Grammy Award winning musician will.I.AM has linked up with noted futurist Brian David Johnson to bring the world an explosive one-shot comic for your enjoyment!

What happens when an army of futuristic robots journey through space and time to search for the world’s mightiest ancient masters of magic? The songwriter-slash-businessman and Johnson’s inventive story will be expressed through the art of Adam Archer (Batman: Arkham City, Ratchet and Clank). Entitled WIZARDS & ROBOTS, readers are taken on a vivid, evocative journey through thrilling new worlds.

48 pages of science and technology will detail the fate of the world which finds a wealth of volatile secrets being unveiled. You can have a look at the cover art below:


Who would you entrust the fate of the world to if given the choice? The mystic sect of wizards or the time-traveling androids from the future?

Props: Bleeding Cool