Wiz Khalifa Suing Concert Promoters For $1 Million

Wiz Khalifa had plans to perform at George Mason University in Virginia last December and expected to bank $85,000 and a share of the show’s profits.

However, the show was a no-go when promoter, It’s My Party, Inc. canceled the gig at the last minute.

The Pittsburgh native and new father got a late notification and wasn’t paid a dime, which didn’t sit well with the “Work Hard, Play Hard” rapper. He filed a suit against the promoters stating that the late cancellation negatively affected his reputation and is now looking to get $1 million for damages.

“It was unfortunate that my client had no other recourse than to file a lawsuit,” Wiz’s attorney Jeffrey Marks told E! News. “They canceled at the last possible moment, which caused the most damage to my client. It’s regrettable that the promoter chose to cancel the concert, but that is something that they did; they were under a contractual duty to have the concert performed,

According to TMZ, low ticket sales for the 7,000-capacity arena prompted the promoters’ decision to cancel. They also allege that lack of Wiz’s signature meant that both parties weren’t contractually obligated to one another.

No word yet if the case will proceed to court but the defendants have filed a motion to dismiss.