Wiz Khalifa Talks To The Breakfast Club About Wanting More Kids, Concert Lawsuit And Gucci Mane

Wiz Khalifa got up bright and early (and didn’t even change his PJs) to chop it up with the Power 105.1 morning crew on fashion, his “green” habits and handling his son’s poop.

“If it was anybody’s baby, it would be gross but it’s my son and I love the poop,” he tells The Breakfast Club about his newborn son Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz.

The Taylor Gang leader also spoke on his relationship with “Nothin’ On Ya” collaborator Gucci Mane, who has been hopping in and out of jail for allegedly throwing a bottle at a soldier’s head.

“Gucci Mane is a cool man,” Khalifa says about the trap rapper. “He’s different than everybody else. The way he communicates, moves and does things, people might get it and some people might not. He never punched somebody around me. I only know the funny Gucci.”

He also discussed his $1 million lawsuit against a concert promotion party for shutting down his show but not paying up. “I don’t even know nothing about that either,” said Khalifa, who promoters said did not sign the contract and is therefore not contractually obligated to be reimbursed for the cancelled show. “I don’t know too many rappers who sit down and file their own lawsuits. I don’t know but I didn’t do it.”

He also discusses how his baby isn’t allowed in the make-shift weed room and wanting more kids but after wifey Amber Rose gets her body back.

Watch the full interview above.