Women’s Rights Groups Protest Against Rick Ross Outside Reebok Headquarters

It seems like the drama from Rick Ross’s “U.O.E.N.O.” continues to mount.

In the Rocko track, Rozay spits, “Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain’t even know it.” Now, women’s rights groups have been up in arms and were spotted protesting outside of Reebok Headquarters in New York City Thursday (April 4).

“It is a hate crime to be out there making fun of — making light of drugging and raping women, something that happens all to often in our culture,” said Sonia Ossorio, President of the National Organization for Women, according to Radio.com.

Ultra Violet, another woman’s right group joined Sonia and NOW at the protest and brought along a petition with 72,000 signatures collected nationwide in a plea to Reebok to drop Ross from their campaign.

The group was later met by Reebok personnel who took the petitions but would not allow any protestors to enter the store.

The bawse soon took to his Twitter to issue an apology. Watch the protest above.